EarthTHRIVE Initiative

Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future

Thank You Max Mitrofanov

This is the ANTHROPOCENE. HUMANS RULE the World. Can we make EARTH as inhospitable as other COSMIC Rocks? Letting Earth's ambient temperature rise just a few more degrees can do it...


Yes we can. If you do nothing but sit back and watch.  One catch however: We must expand our consciousness and our actions on our small planet... Click here>

DASH to a THRIVING FUTURE is a Project of EarthTHRIVE Initiative, a 501(c3) Nonprofit


Alternatively, we can tap into the enthusiasm of the hundreds of Scientists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs around the world, scrambling, in spite of prevailing fear, to create brilliant, more effective solutions to a plethora of issues that currently plague our planet - with Goals To serve a BILLION people. But you will have to search beyond MainStream MEDIA They promise the possibility of: an exciting prosperous and abundant FUTURE


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Humans 2.0